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Chiropractor Near Savage MN

Shakopee Family Chiropractic is thrilled to serve our clients across Minnesota, including Savage. We understand the urgency of moving beyond your pain and injuries to enjoy a fulfilling life. Our goal is to enhance your functional abilities with each session and expedite your recovery process as much as possible.

If you are searching for a chiropractor near Savage, MN – your search ends here. At Shakopee Family Chiropractic, we welcome everyone. Our patients range from those who lead sedentary to semi-active lifestyles, to athletes and fitness enthusiasts committed to rigorous training schedules. We have consistently achieved positive results for individuals of all ages, irrespective of their health backgrounds.


Dr. Chad, a highly esteemed chiropractor with ten years of experience, will collaborate with you to create a personalized treatment plan that involves direct chiropractic care. If you’re eager to return to an active lifestyle, contact Dr. Chad today.

Savage Chiropractor

Trusted Chiropractic Care

If you’ve been struggling with pain and are uncertain about where to turn, reach out to Savage Chiropractor, Dr. Chad Koterba. Our mission is to harness your body’s innate ability to heal, address your symptoms, and facilitate rapid, lasting relief.

Each session involves meticulous monitoring of your body’s response, with adjustments to the treatment plan to ensure it aligns with your recovery objectives. At Shakopee Family Chiropractic, a comprehensive chiropractic center near Savage, we focus on holistic health solutions. We equip you with the knowledge to sustain your well-being long after you leave our office.

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