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Customized Care
Specifically for YOU!

Because every body and every injury is unique, we provide a variety of different treatment options. Ask us about which option or combination of options may be right for you.



Chiropractic Care

These are patient-centered, non-invasive treatment(s) to realign your spine, relieve muscle and joint pain, and improve mobility and nerve health. Dr. Chad uses the best available evidence to diagnose your issues accurately and help you access a results-oriented treatment plan. He will be with you at every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.


Sports Medicine

If you were injured while playing a sport, training for a marathon, or exercising, Dr. Chad can help. He is a certified athletic trainer, and has delivered excellent rehab exercise routines to get back patients’ strength and mobility. Following a thorough physical checkup and diagnostic imaging (X-rays, ultrasound, MRI) if needed, Dr. Chad will create a custom recovery plan to help restore your function and mobility.


Myofascial Release Techniques

These techniques are focused on relieving the stiffness at ‘trigger” points anchored within the myofascial tissue. It is a wonderful therapy to help loosen movement and reduce pain. Unlike trigger point therapy, Myofascial therapy involves slower dynamic stretching and applying pressure across a larger area instead of a specific muscle knot.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy helps regain your range of motion and alleviate pain. This releases tight muscles and knots by expertly applying different levels of pressure to the affected areas. This technique has been proven to reduce muscle tension, headaches, and improve flexibility. Trigger point therapy has been one of the most effective treatments to provide fast symptom relief.


Strengthening and Stretching

If you struggle with acute or chronic pain, stiff ligaments and muscles, or if you are prone to injury, these programs could be very beneficial! Dr. Chad will develop a customized exercise plan, and ensure you know how to perform it correctly. You could see a vast improvement in your range of motion.


Theragun Percussive Therapy

This is designed to treat soft tissue pain and soothe aching muscles. The massage gun sends strong vibrations to the muscle tissue to relieve soreness and improve your range of motion. Unlike a normal massage, percussive therapy is able to go deeper into the muscle tissue for optimal relief.


Gua Sha Therapy

This is a therapeutic massage that improves circulation by scraping the skin through long and short strokes with a massage tool. Rubbing the skin in this manner is an effective way to reduce inflammation usually associated with chronic pain.


Spinal and Postural Screenings

Spinal and postural misalignments could be painful and prevent your body from functioning optimally. Dr. Chad administers spinal and postural screenings to determine if corrections have to be made and, if so, what the most optimal treatment would be. Patients who experience chronic stress, neck and back pain, and degenerative conditions usually have a spinal misalignment.

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